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Show Title: 60’s Crossings

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I’ve put together a very special show for 60’s Countdown Radio. It’s called “60’s Crossings.” The show takes you on an imaginary train journey through the decade with 37 stops along the way at “stations” or dates when a 60’s pop chart artist died. The journey begins with one stop in 1960 for Johnny Horton and we ride for about two hours until the train pulls into the terminal of October 23, 1969 to remember Tommy Edwards, the last 60’s pop chart artist to have died in that decade.  At each stop we learn a little something about the artist and hear one of his or her chart songs from the 60’s. Also, for historical context, the train conductor colors the passing by relating an event that happened the same day the artist died.

Here are the 37 charting artists we stop to briefly yet fondly remember:

Bill Black (Bill Black’s Combo)
Henry Booth (Hank Ballard And The Midnighters)
Four members of the Bar-Kays (Ronnie Caldwell, Jimmy King, Carl Cunningham,      Phalon Jones)
Johnny Burnette
Patsy Cline
Nat King Cole
Bud Coleman (Baja Marimba Band)
Sam Cooke
Cowboy Copas
G.L. Crockett
Tommy Edwards
Manuel Fernandez (Los Bravos)
Charles Fizer (The Olympics)
Bobby Fuller (Bobby Fuller Four)
James Graves (Jr. Walker & The All Stars)
Malcolm Hale (Spanky And Our Gang)
Roy Hamilton
Jerome Hanna (The Jive Five)
Joe Henderson
Joe Hinton
Johnny Horton
Little Willie John
Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)
Rudy Lewis (The Drifters)
Shorty Long
Frankie Lymon
Pat McGuire (The Chimes)
Lenny Miles
Wes Montgomery
Edith Piaf
James Ray
Otis Redding
Jim Reeves
George “King” Scott (The Hesitations)
Felix Slatkin
Dinah Washington
James West (The Five Du-Tones)

All aboard!

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