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“Loneliness” was and still is a recurring theme in pop music. It was especially so during the 60’s. In that decade, seventy songs charted nationally with either the word “Lonely,” “Lonesome,” or “Loneliness” in their titles. As an introduction to the the Top 70 “lonely” songs, here is some starter information for you pop trivia buffs and for anyone else who might find this sort of thing fascinating:

  • Five artists each have two songs in the countdown: Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Eddy Arnold, Dionne Warwick and Robert Knight.
  • One artist—Bobby Vinton—has four songs in the countdown.
  • Solo men accounted for 41 of the songs, solo women for 11, groups for 14, and duos for 4.
  • All 4 duos come across as group acts: the Caravelles, the Trade Winds, Pieces of Eight, and the Grass Roots (the 1966 configuration).
  • 5 of the top 8 songs charted in the year 1960.
  • 1967 had the most (11) while 1969 the least (2).
  • Only 24 made it into the national weekly Top 40.
  • If the title contained the word “Lonesome”—there are 12—chances are high that the song is rooted in country music.

The cutoff to qualify for the Top 70: Song No. 6792 from the playbook, Ranking the ’60s. To view sample pages from Ranking the ’60s, click on the flipbook below. If you like what you see, an Add to Cart button is provided for eBook purchase and download.  RT60s with an added 50-page song title index is also available for purchase in print at Amazon.

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