60’s Countdown Radio

60’s Countdown Radio was set up to thank those who have shown an interest in Ranking the ’60s: A Comprehensive Compilation of the Chart Songs and Acts from Pop’s Golden Decade and for anyone who enjoys listening to a range of pop chart oldies from the 60’s—from the lost and forgotten gems to regional hits to the million sellers to the perennial favorites.  Shows are thematic countdowns varying in length of time and title.  The songs are ranked for the decade according to their historical popularity as determined first by Billboard magazine in its weekly publication of its “Hot 100” charts, and then by a systematic quantification of the weekly chart song positions with the outcome on display in Ranking the ’60s as an ordered list 6,800 songs long.  Finally, themes pick out relevant titles from among the 6,800 to give form to the countdown shows.

Two shows run each day of the week, a different show each day.  Show times vary so it’s a good idea to check the Schedule for any particular program.  There is default programming in between shows called “Million $ Music.”  Hopefully, as time goes by and with more interest in what I am offering with this station and my book, the number of hours for countdown shows will increase at the expense of “Million $ Music.”

Danny D, my alter-ego, is the host of the shows.  He introduces and closes all programs and adds commentary between songs in three that are currently running.  A new show is planned for each month.  Subscribers will receive email alerts when new shows premiere, so join the group if you haven’t done so already and receive notification of the updates.

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