The Posts

Whenever a new countdown show premieres on 60’s Countdown Radio, there will also be a new post to introduce it here at Ranking the 60’s.  The title of the post will name the new theme and give the number of songs being ranked for that theme.  Then in the following lines, I’ll try to offer interesting general information to ease you into the show.  Show times are listed in the station schedule.

The Live365 widget in the lower right margin will take you to the station page and activate the music should you click on it.  You can always know what program is playing at any time by clicking on “Schedule,” the menu item on the station page.

Note that the the dates of my first seven posts are the same.  That’s because I set up 60’s Countdown Radio to begin broadcasting 24/7 with a different show each day of the week.  Your voting determines the next month’s theme so please vote often and check back regularly to see how your choice is doing.  Join the 60’s Countdown Radio subscribers’ group to receive email alerts for the latest shows.

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