“The research is meticulous. The presentation is outstanding. Dann Isbell has placed the ’60s under a microscope and exposed the obvious and obscure with equal precision. To those of us who grew up in this decade, he has encapsulated our musical lives perfectly.”

–Ron Smith, Radio programmer and author of Chicago Top 40 Charts

“Isbell takes a fresh look at the charts and ranks every song with precision…from the ones you missed to the ones you can’t forget. Isbell’s exhaustive research shines new light on this rich facet of ’60s culture for fans and music scholars alike.”

–Dave McAleer, Music consultant, Guinness Book of World Records

“This book presents nothing but the facts, Jack … all emotion and personal preference are left by the wayside as this book reflects the TRUE results of these records as they actually charted in Billboard in the ’60’s. Every record was rated the exact same way, without bias … and the end results are indisputable. They may not be your favorites … they may not even be the way you remember things (or the way you’ve been led to believe things were, based on the subsequent 50 years of airplay) … and, quite honestly, there may be a few moments of head-scratching when you look at some of these songs and titles, simply because they’ve been absent from the airwaves for SO long now that MOST folks have completely forgotten that they ever even existed … much less charted as well as they did.”

–Kent Kotal, Forgotten Hits

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