How often will you update the playlists at 60’s Countdown Radio?
It really depends on listener demand.  Ideally, one new countdown per month.  Let me hear from you.

Your station seems to have two personalities.  You’ve got many hours of the day playing “Million $ Music” and then you have the countdown shows.  Why is that?
“Million $ Music” is the default programming that kicks in after a countdown show ends.  It’s music from the Live365 library and doesn’t impact my storage space.  At the bitrate I’m using, I’m maxed out with the seven shows.  I’d love to add more.  If and when I do, then you’ll know that there is enough interest in the eBook to make it happen.

Where are the playlists?  Can you publish them? 
I’d love to but the problem is that DMCA rules forbid their publication ahead of their presentations at 60’s Countdown Radio.

Are you Danny D?                  
Yes, that’s me hosting the shows at 60’s Countdown Radio—not to be confused with DJ Danny D from Canada or Dancin’ Danny D, the British DJ and producer or Chubby Danny D, the promo guy whose name is the title of the B-side of the Ronettes’ first single, unreleased.

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