One-Word Titles: The Top 40 Masculine-Named Songs

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“Bobby, Donny, Teddy, Michael, Tommy, Norman, Ronny.”

The list reads like a roll call of boys’ names in the beginning moments of a junior high school gym class. But, actually, this particular assemblage of names belongs to a set of 43 single-worded, masculine-titled songs that made the pop charts during the 60’s.  32 of the 43 are performed by male acts—a curiously high percentage that becomes less surprising after taking into account the types of manly figures they sing (or play) about: the strong and resourceful (Alley-Oop, Superman, Batman), the mythical and magical (Cupid, Aladdin, Werewolf), and the villainous (Goldfinger, Ringo, Stag-O-Lee), and more.

Just 11 of the 43 are performed by female acts. They view their subjects romantically and much more down to earth—everyday joes with everyday names: five of the common names in the roll call are titles of songs by women.

The cutoff to qualify for the Top 40: Song No. 6157 from the playbook, Ranking the ’60s. To view sample pages from Ranking the ’60s, click on the flipbook below. If you like what you see, an Add to Cart button is provided for eBook purchase and download.  RT60s with an added 50-page song title index is also available for purchase in print at Amazon

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This is the first in a series of introductions to countdown shows featuring one-word titled chart songs of the 60’s. The second in the series, “Girls on Stage,” is now online at ’60s Countdown Radio.  Check the schedule at the station for times in your area.  You can read its introduction here.

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