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The Beatles placed 29 singles plus an EP on the “Hot 100” their first year on the charts in 1964.  Incredibly, 21 of them included a personal pronoun like, “I” or “she” or “you” in their titles.  John and Paul were well aware that they could sell more records by personalizing them in this way.

The same could be said for the record companies.  They knew about the potential for increased sales of their records if a girl’s name found a spot on a 45 rpm label.

Boys would buy the single and give it to their girlfriends of the same name or play it for themselves while dreaming of their secret crush.  A girl whose name matched the song title would buy the 45 and fantasize that the singer is singling her out for a serenade.

Eighty-eight one-word titles naming girls charted on the “Hot 100” during the ’60s.  This list excludes hyphenated names like “Carrie-Anne” by the Hollies and “Barbara-Ann” by the Beach Boys.  It also rejected “Jane, Jane, Jane” by the Kingston Trio.

Three different songs all named “Sandy” charted while three versions of the same song, “Mame” and “Michelle” did the same.  Charting with two versions of the same song: “Windy,” “Gloria,” “Linda,” “Clementine,” “Ruby,” “Maria,” “Diane,” and “Lisa.”  “Sunny” charted twice but as originals.

Several acts are represented more than once in this countdown.  The 4 Seasons placed three in the top 60 while Bobby Goldsboro, Tommy Roe, the Bachelors and Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass landed two each.

The cutoff to qualify for the Top 60: Song No. 4529 from the playbook, Ranking the ’60s. To view sample pages from Ranking the ’60s, click on the flipbook below. If you like what you see, an Add to Cart button is provided for eBook purchase and downloadRT60s with an added 50-page song title index is also available for purchase in print at Amazon.

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This is the second in a series of introductions to countdown shows featuring one-word titled chart songs of the 60’s. You can read about the first in the series, one-word titled songs with masculine names, on another page and hear a Top 40 countdown of those names on ’60s Countdown Radio. 

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